Bio diesel Production

Mirai is active as Biodiesel Manufacturers in India. We believe in delivering Quality products. We invest heavily in Biofuel Research & Development Industry. Recognising need of Biofuel, we started operations in Biofuel Industry.

We conduct detail study on Waste cooking oil as raw source of biofuel.  Key strength of research was conversion of any source of oil into biodiesel. Our Team offers technical consultancy to major groups in Biofuel Industry. Our operations are in all over India. As a part of study, the company also eyes on latest Biofuel development in algal biofuel.

We are conducting technical training to professionals in field of biodiesel. The mentors are representatives on various Biofuel Committees.


Our Services in Biodiesel

  • Biodiesel Consultancy
  • Biodiesel Characterisation
  • Biodiesel Training
  • Feasibility studies
  • Biodiesel production